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WindRush Turmoil - Yasus Afari

Jamaican Poet and entrepreur, Yasus Afari, discovered Wales in 2007 during a tour of Britain to promote his best seller 'Overstanding Rastafari - Jamaica's Gift to the World'. Since then he has taken time to visit Wales most years and has been able to support a range of the projects and activities organised by Learning Links International. 

Yasus wrote this poem to be read at the 'Windrush Day' held in Bangor Town Hall in June 2019.

WindRush Turmoil

Like a mighty, rushing wind, they came,

Gushing to the shores, of a heartless-mother,

Britain, “the beloved’’, motherland

Abandoning fears; with blood, sweat and tears

Blindly answering a call, of the colonizers’ land

With bloody streets, paved with gold,

Floodead by Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood,

Shouting diss-greeting: No Irish! No Blacks! No dogs!


Used, abused and refused,

Reduced to human refuge 

Win or lose; now it’s England’s time to choose,

To pick, choose or refuse, a blessing or a curse…

Tie the money string, throw away the purse.

And as Miss Lou prophecy seh, it’s colonization in reverse

While dem still spiting wi, with man-made hunger and thirst

Soh dem colonization now start fi drive inna reverse


And as wi Aunty Roachie seh; when push cum to shove,

And worse turns to worst

An’ as wus tun tuh wussa

Or even if wussa tun to wussara

Den at least wi caan escape into the future

Even via the Carry-beyond…..to the Immortal Bosom, of Mama Africa,

The Land of The Ancient Future


Now just remember; whatever we choose; whether a blessing or a sin

Reciprocity is here; ready, willing and able to take us all in: Like the Mighty Rushing Wind


By: YASUS AFARI © (P) 2019

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